16 February 2021


For Nova Scotia Heritage Day, Aureas Voces created a virtual concert, "BEGINNING", featuring local musicians who play music associated with seven cultures identified nearly 100 years ago by Helen Creighton during her time collecting music and folklore in the province. The lineup of musicians includes Raymond Sewell, ZAMANI, Nick Veltmeyer, Cassie and Maggie, Dominique Saulnier, Gabriel O'Brien, Kip Johnson, Hilary Brown, and Celeste Jankowski, and the concert is hosted by Kyah Sparks. I perform two tunes by Karen Iny - Maya's Waltz and Forty - at 16:45.

This project is a fundraiser for the
Youth Art Connection
. To make a charitable donation, visit the following link and add "BEGINNING" to the donation message: youthartconnection.ca/donate