27 February 2023

New Hermitage + Pallmer at Sourwood

On Saturday evening, New Hermitage and Pallmer played a very fun cozy show at Sourwood Cider!  

26 February 2023

Hayley Ryerson - Natural Elements

This week, I had the pleasure of working with Hayley Ryerson for the first time on some of her beautiful original tunes. We premiered them at the Music Room in Halifax!

7 February 2023

Sensory Accessible Concert

I had a great afternoon on Sunday with Cecilia Concerts, playing a Sensory Accessible Concert with Jennifer King! Jennifer hosted the event and joined me for some harp and piano duos. Check out future Cecilia Concert programming here: www.ceciliaconcerts.ca

Much gratitude to everyone who came out to listen and dance, to Jennifer, Anna, Greg, and Roderick, to the amazing team of music therapist facilitators, and to Halifax Central Library for hosting!