30 November 2021

Lute songs at Kings College

 I had the opportunity last week to revisit some beautiful lute repertoire with Andrew Pickett, countertenor. This program was offered as part of the Kings College Foundation Year Program, and was free and open to the public! 

21 November 2021

Circus Videos

Upstream Music Association is releasing a series of videos of improvisations by circus artists and musicians! Here are two that I participated in: a trio piece with Jayden Gigliotti (juggling), Lukas Pearse (bass), and a quintet with Jacques Mindreau (violin), Taral Naik (tabla), Aiyana Graham (silks), and Kura Broadnax (acrobat).

Videos by Dario Lozano-Thornton

12 November 2021

Nova Scotia Music Week

I tagged along with the Bombadils last weekend to Nova Scotia Music Week for a couple of short performances in Truro!

8 November 2021

SIDEband at the Lillian Piercey

Upstream Music Association presented SIDEband at the Maritime Conservatory concert hall for an evening of improvised music on harp, cello, trombone, and bassoon!

4 November 2021

New Hermitage + Carbon Arc: Faust

New Hermitage provided the score for Carbon Arc Cinema's sold-out screening of F. W. Murnau's Faust (1926)! This was our second year playing for a silent film around Halloween and we're hoping to make it a tradition.