30 December 2019

To Bethlehem with Kings

Capella Regalis men and boys choir has released videos of its recent concert "To Bethlehem with Kings". This concert featured Britten's Ceremony of Carols (with Lori Gemmell, harp) in the first half, and an assortment of carols with a trad band in the second half. I had a fabulous time playing with the trad band and seeing my pedal harp so expertly played by Lori in the Britten. The concert was hosted by Tom Allen, and was performed in Halifax and Lunenburg on Dec 19th and 20th.

The first half of the concert, Ceremony of Carols

The second half of the concert, carols with trad band and A Child's Christmas in Wales

29 December 2019


The Manning Chapel Choir presented three sold out shows this year of their Wassail! Christmas concert - one in Bridgetown and two in Wolfville. As usual, the choir was outstanding and the atmosphere was both deeply thoughtful and festive. The same medieval Christmas crew I was part of the week before was brought on board for these concerts, and it was a great finale to that Medieval tour.

Bridgetown and Wolfville

16 December 2019

Medieval Christmas with Jude Pelley and friends

I had an excellent time with Jude Pelley, Charlie Wilson, Anne-Marie Williot, and Heather Cameron on this beautiful tour of Nova Scotia. We presented a program of medieval carols and tunes through cozy venues in Broad Cove, West LaHave, Alma, Baxter's Harbour, Mill Village, and Bridgewater.

15 December 2019


On December 9th, Sarah Albu, Norm Adams and I presented a mixed program of improvised, folk, cabaret, lied, Britten, and drone music following an intensive few days of rehearsal. With a few costume, set, and lighting elements, we brought winter kelp forest to the Good Robot. Thanks to Norm and SuddenlyListen for making this possible!