29 June 2017

Zuppa Fundraising Concert

Last night was Zuppa Theatre's annual fundraising concert at the Music Room. Every year they bring together a big variety of local performers for a sold-out show centered around a theme. This year's theme was summer or sunshine. Melanie Stone and I played two songs together, Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles, and Boys of Summer by Don Henley! For more information on Zuppa and their amazing work, click here.

27 June 2017

New Hermitage at Art Bar

On Saturday night, New Hermitage played as part of a new series called Open Form, hosted by Art Bar on Granville St. Also playing were Sam Wilson and Cutting the Argus. New Hermitage is a new improvisational ensemble comprising Andrew MacKelvie, India Gailey, Ross Burns, and myself. Ross couldn't be there on Saturday but the full band will be playing for the first time on July 18th in Wolfville!

a short clip of New Hermitage at the show, thanks to Matt Reid

22 June 2017

Recording with cello

On Tuesday, India Gailey and I headed to Wolfville to record Lucas Oickle's beautiful piece A Foreigner Walks Between Towering Chords Hundreds of Years Old, written for India. Ken Shorley recorded us in his beautiful studio. Look out for this piece on India's upcoming solo EP!

18 June 2017

Deep Sea Conundrum in Halifax

Last night was the third and final show (for now) of Deep Sea Conundrum. It took place at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in the small craft gallery, where we were surrounded by old wooden boats. There were some great characters among the kids in the audience and the show was more rowdy and participatory than the last two. Jack's Inner Space volunteers had made goody bags to give out to the kids along with the colouring books, and there was a fun reception afterwards.The Maritime Museum were excellent hosts! I had such a good time working with this fantastic DSC creative team.

13 June 2017

Student Harp Recital

This past Saturday we marked the start of summer break at the Conservatory with a student house concert. Six students with a wide variety of musical interests performed and we all tried a few things together at the end!

some of the harps waiting for the concert to begin