19 February 2021

Obladee Wine Bar

It was surreal and wonderful to have an actual bar gig last night! So nice to hear Cassie and Maggie and play a set with the fantastic Sarah Frank - our first time performing together!

16 February 2021


For Nova Scotia Heritage Day, Aureas Voces created a virtual concert, "BEGINNING", featuring local musicians who play music associated with seven cultures identified nearly 100 years ago by Helen Creighton during her time collecting music and folklore in the province. The lineup of musicians includes Raymond Sewell, ZAMANI, Nick Veltmeyer, Cassie and Maggie, Dominique Saulnier, Gabriel O'Brien, Kip Johnson, Hilary Brown, and Celeste Jankowski, and the concert is hosted by Kyah Sparks. I perform two tunes by Karen Iny - Maya's Waltz and Forty - at 16:45.

This project is a fundraiser for the
Youth Art Connection
. To make a charitable donation, visit the following link and add "BEGINNING" to the donation message: youthartconnection.ca/donate

9 February 2021

Raga Prelude in Yaman Kalyan

India Gailey and I have released a new video performance of Michael Harrison's piece "Raga Prelude in Yaman Kalyan", which was filmed in November at the Lilian Piercey Concert Hall by Triangle House Studios. For this performance, I tuned the harp in just intonation, which was a new and exciting experience for me!

1 February 2021

Halifax Celtic Festival

Yesterday, I was part of the Halifax Celtic Festival's Sunday livestream programming. Colin Carrigan and I played some tunes together, then I spoke a little about my year in Ireland and played a few solos. Sunday's livestream will be available here for about a week, including our set which starts at 12:04. The festival ran online for 5 days and featured music and dance performances, language lessons, lectures, plays, and all sorts of varied programming. Thanks to the Celtic Fest for having us!

still from videography by Dario Lozano-Thornton