23 January 2024

Blue Monday Cabaret

Last night was Blue Monday Cabaret at the Carleton, a variety show presenting Joni Mitchell's complete Blue Album! This show has been happening since 2020, every two years. Kyle Gillis and I revived our version of River from previous years. The concert was a fundraiser for local mental health support organizations.

19 January 2024

Lizard of Pause

Lizard of Pause, a new circus and dance show, had its soft launch last night! The production is a collaboration between producer/performer Leah Skerry and director/choreographer Alyssa Martin of Rock Bottom Movement. I co-composed the music with the incredible Ben Shapiro who took my harp sounds and ran with them!

"Lizard of Pause is rollercoaster of emotions with a surrealist landing pad of dreams so, fasten your seatbelts, loosen up, and get ready to bask in Dorothy, her freaky little dog and their friends.”

15 January 2024

Unfathomable Presence

Jeff Reilly’s new harp concerto "Unfathomable Presence" had its first performance last week with Symphony Nova Scotia as part of Open Waters Festival. Many thanks to Jeff for writing such a beautiful piece and trusting me with so much freedom, conductor Karl Hirzer for his excellent leadership and instincts, and to Symphony Nova Scotia for the support and consummate musicianship.

Thanks also to the Open Waters Festival and Artistic Director Lukas Pearse for programming this work and facilitating new and improvised music! 

Photos by Jennifer King and North Window Productions

12 January 2024


The film Now.Here.This. was launched this week at Open Waters Festival! The film features new works by six different local composers, performed by mixed ensembles and interspersed with interviews. The film can be viewed here: https://now-here-this.upstreammusic.org. The film is viewed at variable lengths, and each viewing is different, with footage chosen partly at random each time.

Now.Here.This. was directed by Chris Spencer-Lowe and co-produced by Chris and Lukas Pearse, under the umbrella of Upstream Music Association. I was part of the ensemble for India Gailey's piece, "Alaya" and Mohammad Sahraei's piece, "An". The other composers are Alan Syliboy, Sam Wilson, Amy Brandon, and Geordie Haley.

8 January 2024

Sensory Accessible Concert with the Bombadils

I was delighted to have another chance to play one of Cecilia Concerts' Sensory Accessible shows at the Central Library, this time with the Bombadils. Thanks to Jennifer King, Anna Plaskett, Cecilia Concerts, the Library, and awesome team of facilitators who make these events possible!