31 January 2018

Sailing on Strings

Eastlink TV recently aired this 20 minute documentary about Cheryl Reid O'Hagan, my first teacher and founder of the Nova Scotia Harp Ring. Through performing, recording, teaching, and connecting people with instruments, she has created a large and thriving community of Nova Scotian harp players in the span of 20 years. The work Cheryl has done is truly amazing, check out her story below:

10 January 2018

Recording with Jeremy Finney

I had a fun morning yesterday at New Scotland Yard, doing a bit of recording for Jeremy Finney's upcoming album! The album consists of original compositions by Jeremy and will be released in April. Stay tuned!

6 January 2018

New Hermitage at Open Waters Festival

Last night, New Hermitage kicked off Open Waters Festival 2018 with a performance at the Dunn Theatre. The festival is a celebration of new and improvised music, and this year it features 20 performances in five different locations around Halifax. The festival runs Jan 5-10, and the schedule is here: http://www.upstreammusic.org/concert-series/open-waters-festival-18