27 December 2015

Christmas Eve at Bethany United

Playing at the late evening service at Bethany United has become a Christmas Eve tradition. It's a very welcoming and festive event. Thanks to Shawn Whynot for having me back.

22 December 2015

Holiday Cabaret

Last night was festive at the Carleton, with a Holiday Cabaret in support of the Performing Arts Lodge! Kyle Gillis and I performed Joni Mitchell's River, and there were a ton of great local acts.

20 December 2015

Student Recital

I forgot to get a picture while things were set up, but here's the mural at Cafe Cempoal with some harps all packed up at the end. Everyone played beautifully and Chris at the cafe provided delicious coffee beverages and hospitality. Looking forward to next term!

Recording with Dusty

Dusty Keleher, Benn Ross, and I were back in the studio yesterday recording some tracks for Dusty's upcoming album of original songs.

18 December 2015

Much Ado About Nothing

A three person band zone for the Halifax Independent School's Shakespeare production!

14 December 2015

Ragged Robin House Concert

Erin and I played at a beautiful house concert in Mahone Bay yesterday, with views on all sides of beach and ocean. About 30 friends came for tunes and tea and snacks. Photos courtesy of Mike Chandler. Thanks to our lovely host and everybody who came out!

9 December 2015

Cross-strung harp!!!

A beautiful new little harp has appeared in my life! Made by my talented friend Larry Wuest, it is a three octave, chromatic cross-strung harp, with beautifully detailed carving and craftsmanship, and a rich resonant sound. It arrived yesterday, and I can't stop experimenting with it! The technique is mystifying, so I am scrutinizing youtube videos, and making it up for now, until I hopefully find a teacher someday. This harp's chromatic possibilities are very exciting, and it will be excellent for improvisation, for my beginner jazz practice, for pop music, and I'm sure for other areas I haven't thought of yet. It's also very portable, and allows lots of freedom to move while playing. Hopefully it won't be too many months/years/decades until I can play it outside the living room!

8 December 2015

Ragged Robin and the Village Sound Library

Erin and I had a fun morning today recording some tracks for Village Sound's music library. Many thanks to Luke and Jason for making the experience delightful as always!!