9 December 2015

Cross-strung harp!!!

A beautiful new little harp has appeared in my life! Made by my talented friend Larry Wuest, it is a three octave, chromatic cross-strung harp, with beautifully detailed carving and craftsmanship, and a rich resonant sound. It arrived yesterday, and I can't stop experimenting with it! The technique is mystifying, so I am scrutinizing youtube videos, and making it up for now, until I hopefully find a teacher someday. This harp's chromatic possibilities are very exciting, and it will be excellent for improvisation, for my beginner jazz practice, for pop music, and I'm sure for other areas I haven't thought of yet. It's also very portable, and allows lots of freedom to move while playing. Hopefully it won't be too many months/years/decades until I can play it outside the living room!