30 October 2019

Síle website launch!

I'm delighted to share some new audio, video, and photographs from Síle!

Check out our new website here:


29 October 2019

Open Company at Art Bar

The Upstream Music Association has been running a series called "Open Company" over the past few weeks at Art Bar. This series features short concerts of improvised music by different musicians each week followed by an excellent open jam session. Last night I joined Devin Wesley and Lukas Pearse in the final iteration of the series for 2019. The power went out, but we had a great time playing in the dark for the first 40 mins!

18 October 2019

VIA Rail Train trip

I am back in Halifax after a very enjoyable autumn train trip with VIA Rail Onboard Entertainment!

6 October 2019

New Hermitage at Radstorm

It felt so good to be finally back with New Hermitage last night for a trio show at Radstorm in Halifax. We were joined by Caudex and Dang, and a beautiful audience. Looking forward to touring eastern Canada with the full New Hermitage quartet in November!