26 October 2017

Tabla concert with Shawn Mativetsky

Shawn Mativetsky performed an incredible tabla solo last night at the Music Room, and I was very fortunate to accompany him. Shawn recently released a solo album entitled Rivers which you can listen to and order here: shawnmativetsky.com/rivers. Looking forward to performing with him again in March!

photo and video thanks to Caroline Tabah

21 October 2017

Alys Howe Workshop

I had a great time attending Alys Howe's excellent workshop today at Re-jigged Festival!

workshop participants with Alys, left

16 October 2017

Back at the Henry House

Erin, Colin, and I are back with tunes at the Henry House! Come on by for a cozy pint.

Sunday afternoons, 2:30-4:30pm
1222 Barrington St, Halifax

15 October 2017

West Dublin Hall with Mark Currie

Mark and I had fantastic time last night playing a show at the West Dublin Hall! Mark played bodhran, bones, foot percussion, and didgeridoo and we chose a variety of our favourite tunes to share with the very enthusiastic and kind audience. Charlie and Jude (of Pennybrook: www.pennybrook.ca) joined us at the end for a few sets. Many thanks to them and to the community of West Dublin for the invitation and warm welcome. 

2 October 2017

New Hermitage Website Launch and Lucky Penny show

It's an exciting time for New Hermitage, with a few new things on the go! The band has a shiny fresh website! https://www.newhermitage.com/

Last night we played a fun and cozy show at Lucky Penny cafe. Thanks to Barb for hosting us there, and to Taylor Ackerman for opening.

Here is one of our newly released videos: