4 May 2019

Final Performance Week at UL, Semester Two

From April 23rd to 26th, the masters students at the Irish World Academy had their final performances of the semester. I was very happy to perform with two songwriters, my trad ensemble, and three fellow trad MA students, in addition to my own solo trad MA performance. I was also involved in a premiere of an arrangement of Song of the Chanter for 12-piece traditional instrument ensemble by Ernesto Gongora. Some of the performances were very beautifully recorded and posted to YouTube. Check them out below! I've listed the performances I was involved in but all the MA performances in music and dance were fantastic and it's well worth checking out the Irish World Academy channel to see some of the rest of them too: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkORaD2EZDVXJ_9SHmjURMA 

solo performance, starting 23:10

with Olivia Budd at 0:30 and 10:10, and with Ernesto Gongora at 40:00

with Lizzy Hewitt and Rebecca McCarthy Kent at 34:10

with Cathy O'Toole and Neven Sebille Kernaudour at 1:00