3 December 2017

Let Peace Be All Around

Music Therapists Erin Montgomery and Darrel Cameron have created a beautiful relaxation recording for patients and families at the Nova Scotia Health Authority. Erin and Darrel are so skilled, generous, and thoughtful, and the work they do brings much needed joy and comfort at some of the most difficult times. The album is titled "Let Peace Be All Around" and is available for free download for anyone at the following link: store.cdbaby.com/cd/erinmontgomery2

About this project:
Music Therapy is an integral aspect of the care offered to patients on the palliative care unit at the Victoria General Hospital, and for residents living at the Veterans Memorial Building. In these settings, music therapy interventions routinely assist patients and residents to reduce their anxiety, pain perception, to induce a relaxation response, and provide comfort and increased quality of life. 

The goal for this project was to make a recording that feels as if the musicians were present in the room, at the bedside. The songs were chosen because of the inherent beauty of their melodies and lyrics that offer comfort and hope. We set them in acoustic arrangements similar to what a music therapy intervention might sound like. 

Certified Music Therapists Erin Montgomery, Darrel Cameron and Johanne Gallant produced this recording to be a resource for patients and families at the Nova Scotia Health Authority. Musicians Gina Burgess (violin), Ellen Gibling (harp) and Linda Schroeder (flute) have been volunteering on the palliative care unit for many years, and they have graciously lent their talents to this project as well.